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*Data assuming ~1/2 of all lionfish removed are female, with a ~15 year average lifespan, laying ~2 million eggs/year


Norman's Lionfish is a top Lionfish fishery that's committed to helping our oceans by fighting off the invasive lionfish from devastating our marine habitats by supplying you with the most delicious fish in the sea.  


Ryan Chadwick, a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur, is making it his mission to protect the Caribbean waters from the Lionfish invasion. It began two years ago when he returned to the island in the Bahamas, where he had lived many years ago. He saw first-hand the havoc this fish was wreaking on the ecosystem by preying on native species. At the time, Ryan was in the process of opening a Caribbean-themed restaurant in New York City. He decided that he could help beat this problem by offering the invasive predator as a flagship dish at his new establishment. Eating this delicious fish, he thought, is a start in eradicating or reducing this problem. When his restaurant, Norman's Cay opened in the Lower East Side, the Lionfish, served whole, broiled, fried, as ceviche, or in fish tacos became a customer favorite. Ryan knew he was on to something and was convinced that by creating a demand for the fish in a commercial market, he could make an impact in solving this problem.

Now, Norman's Lionfish is continuing Ryan's vision by maintaining a constant supply of the invasive species for restaurants, grocery stories and homes nationwide